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2010-05-24: Boston Band Crush

C.D. On Songs: The Murder – “Streets of Boston”

Monday, May 24th, 2010 – By CD Di Guardia

I’ll admit it – I am a little bewildered after last night’s “Season Finale.” I mean, I have got some ideas, but it’s still a little too vague now. Maybe you are, as well. You want something solid to latch onto; something tangible and undeniable. As luck would have it, local punkers The Murder will release unto us a limited edition 10″ vinyl. Whenever you can hear people with names like “Roach McKrackin” do their thing; you know you better take notice.

The Murder – “Streets Of Boston”
[download it!]

Phantom Planet once sang that “the whole world needs an anthem,” as if we all needed one huge flag under which to gather. That’s great for the world, but what about Boston? Do we really want the theme song from The Departed to be our lasting tune? I’m not even going to mention that embarrassing (really) Bruins song. If even I am embarrassed by a song about the Bruins, you know that’s no good.

So what is good? Why, it’s The Murder’s “Streets of Boston,” a true punk anthem if we ever heard one. The guitars churn so ferociously that you can’t really detect the super-fast strumming pattern, the guitars are either “on” or “off.” You might as well try count bullets from a machine gun until the final (yet similarly) unbridled guitar “solo” towards the end.

The Murder does a good job of eulogizing an entire life spent on the streets of Boston, ending the phrase with “These streets are where I wanna die,” making a statement out of their lifelong commitment to the capital of the Commonwealth. Their sound is authentic, their sentiments doubly so.

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