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Roach McKrackin – Vocals, Guitar
Pat Gill – Guitar, Vocals

Steve Brocone – Bass, Vocals

Since their formation in 2007, The Murder have been proving that substance is far more important than style, and that even in Boston every punk band doesn’t have to be firmly left of center.

Always high energy, The Murder churn out a brand of punk rock ‘n’ roll recalling the protest songs of the 1970’s, with memorable hooks, sing along choruses and a modern political sentiment aberrant from most of their contemporaries. While most punk bands have a knee jerk tendency to be as liberal as possible, the roots of the movement are based on personal liberty and limited government intervention, which is precisely the message The Murder attempts to espouse.

With influences as diverse as country, rock and reggae the group is both blazing new trails while staying true to their punk rock roots. The release of their 2008 “Self-Titled EP” quickly drew critical acclaim, summed up succinctly by The Boston Herald as “an invigorating and notably well-produced slice of punk traditionalism… It exudes an unrefined disposition that’s faded from punk”. The positive press, along with heavy local airplay of their single “Boston Burns”, led to some high profile gigs supporting national acts including Three Bad Jacks, The Koffin Kats and Dana Colley (Morphine).

In December of 2009 the group returned to the studio to record the tracks for “‘Til Death“, a follow up to 2008’s eponymous release, collecting some of the band’s most popular selections to date. It will hit the streets on April 20th on limited edition 10” vinyl, and include a free digital download of the album.

Also due out later this year will be the “Requiem (For The American Dream)” 7″, which will take stock of the current state of the country and provide commentary as only The Murder can.

With an arsenal of upcoming releases, The Murder are taking their six strings and sticks on the road to spread their message and reach audiences beyond Boston. They will tour regionally through the end of 2010 and beyond in support of “‘Til Death” and “Requiem“.

The Murder is sponsored and/or endorsed by Dickies Clothing and Steve Clayton, Inc.