The title of The Murder’s sophomore album “‘Til Death” serves as a constant reminder that this band is in it for the long haul. The album delivers a collection of fist pumping, chant along tunes complete with solid hooks and flashy solos to a steadily growing audience.

Picking up where their debut album left off, the raucous punk rock ‘n’ roll style that The Murder have become known for shines through on the first single “Streets of Boston“. Paying tribute to the oft-missed Rathskellar and the mid-90’s Boston Punk Scene, the song evokes memories of good times past and years gone by.

After reminiscing about their roots, the band explores some of their more diverse influences, with a distinct rebel country influence shining through on “Better Watch Out“. As the record progresses, “Six Strings” brings back another flood of memories, of time spent in past bands, and promises to raise emotion in anyone who has ever picked up an instrument.

On Side B the band opens with the ska-punk jangle of “Here We Go Again“, while “Soundclash” takes things a step further, enlisting the vocal styling of Boston dancehall legend D!Arryval on a solid reggae tune.

Ending with the same intensity in which it began, the record ends with “Switchblade“, a hard hitting number recalling the rough and tumble world of S.E. Hilton.

Released April 20, 2010

  • Roach McKrackin (Guitar, Vocals)
  • Pat Gill (Guitar, Vocals)
  • Steve Brocone (Bass, Vocals)
  • Jack Snyder (Drums)

Produced By: Roach McKrackin
Co-Produced By: Jack Snyder

The Murder’s first studio EP has been released to critical acclaim, noting superior production values and the injection of new life into a sometimes stagnant movement. As Rob V of Cheap Thrills notes, the group “offers up a brand of classic Boston punk with catchy, in your face tunes and plenty of devil may care.”

Their sound is fast and loud, harking back to the early days of Social Distortion and Cock Sparrer, with a touch of The Clash thrown in for good measure. The opening track “Boston Burns” recalls some painful history in the Red Sox nation, while the politically charged anthem “C-B.S.” provides some perspective on more national events. “Movin’ On”, “Glass House” and “Gravedigger” show that The Murder is capable of writing songs of a more personal nature, while “Rounders” is a rallying cry for players on the pro poker circuit. Invigorating and noteably well-produced, the album exudes an unrefined disposition that’s faded from the genre in recent years. David Day of The Weekly Dig sums it up best: “The history of Boston punk rock would take 1,000 of these blurbs – or one listen to the debut EP from The Murder”.

Released June 3, 2008

  • Roach McKrackin (Guitar, Vocals)
  • Pat Gill (Guitar, Vocals)
  • J-Lanz (Bass),
  • Jeremy G (Drums)

Produced By: Roach McKrackin