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Studio & CD News

I hope everyone had a Happy New Year! We certainly did. Now that 2008 is upon us we’re buckling down and getting into the studio to record our first EP, tentatively entitled “The Mission Hill EP”. As of right now the track list is Boston Burns, Glass House, Movin’ On, C-B.S., Gravedigger and Rounders. It should be available Q2 2008, and we’re hoping to sell it for only $5 or $6. Don’t be surprised if email list subscribers get a discount or some type of special deal, so keep posted!

In the interim we’re going to release a 4 song demo we recorded over the summer. It was originally meant only for people making booking inquiries, but popular demand has dictated we put it into wide release. It’s entitled “How Many Crows?” and contains 4 of the songs from the upcoming Mission Hill EP, albeit demo versions. It should be on sale by the end of January at our shows and on our website, and will cost under $5.00!

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