New Album & Free Download!

The Murder - 'Til Death
The Murder - 'Til Death

I’m writing this having just returned from the post office, dropping off the materials for our upcoming album, “‘Til Death”.

I’m really proud of how the album came out. The four of us got together and really gave it our all, and I think the end result is a great party oriented, sing along record! It’s going to be out April 20th on limited edition vinyl, and includes a free digital download so you can get the best of both worlds!

To celebrate, we’re releasing “Streets of Boston“, the first single off the album as a free digital download, so check it out, enjoy it and pass it along to your friends to check out as well! You’ll also get added to our email list to keep updated on the newest developments in the world of The Murder!

Streets of Boston by The Murder

We’ll be posting more information about this in the coming weeks, so keep checking back often! Hopefully you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it!

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