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Free EP Download: Requiem (For The American Dream)

Hey everyone, it’s been a long time! Sorry I haven’t posted this here sooner, but unfortunately sometimes life just gets in the way. I actually sort of forgot that I had posted this on BandCamp on Veteran’s Day, but the recent events in Egypt and the synchronicity between the track “A New Solution” and the […]

Drummer Wanted

The Murder, an established Boston based Punk Rock ‘n’ Roll band seeks a drummer for local and regional shows & recording. We currently have two albums under our belt and working toward our third. This album, moreso than our prior ones, is going to have a Libertarian political streak to it. While we have no […]

Stream ‘Til Death For Free!

Today is a great day, as April 20th always is… This year is extra special though, because our new album “‘Til Death” has been released digitally, and you can stream it for free on our music page at! While you’re there, you can pre-order the ultra limited edition 10″ vinyl record, which will be […]