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Bad Ash Homecoming Recap!


Bad Ash‘s Homecoming Show! with very special guests The Murder, The Beantown Boozehounds and Superpower!

This whole show was off the hook. Going against one of our ground rules, we opened up the show. There was a pretty big crowd already, which is ridiculous, especially for a Monday night.

We played pretty well, even given the fact that Jeremy’s bass drum head broke halfway through our set. We persevered (with slightly less low end) and ended up gaining a whole bunch of new fans.

Our set was followed by The Boozehounds, and they were off the hook as well. It was also nice to see Rob when he wasn’t doing a drunken half cartwheel, half fall off of the stage, like he did at The Shitfits show in Lowell. Of course, when I questioned him about it he didn’t remember it at all. Also, for someone who claims to have no idea what he’s doing, Chad plays a mean fucking mandolin!

Roach & J-Lanz

After the hounds finished up Dave Tree’s (of TREE fame, duh) new project, Superpower went on. Before they played he had told me he really enjoyed The Murder’s set, which meant alot to me.

Finally, hometown heroes Bad Ash took the stage. Fresh off a month long tour down the East Coast to Florida and back, they were in perfect form. Needless to say, everyone went nuts, and chaos ensued. When Nick jumped up onto the newly built counter and snapped off a side of it, I was convinced that our pay for the night had just disappeared, but low and behold, there was still money to be had at the end of the night.

Bad Ash What?
Bad Ash What?

Also, our friend Tammy and Justin’s cousin hooked up for the first time, sneaking off behind Stingray for some makeout time. It was pretty funny, but not as funny as when Tammy asked what his name was on the drive home.

Good times…

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