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Words & Music By: Roach McKrackin

Matty didn’t wanna work anymore
Working 9 to 5 was such a bore
Life is a game and Matty knew the score
With a deck of cards under lucky stars he collected his reward

Rounders, You know who you are
Eat, Sleep, Drink & Live the game in the back room at the bar
Rounders, You know who you are
Raise the bastards off the pot; Earn an easy living hard

Jason packed his bags one winter night
He left the cold of Boston for the Vegas city lights
Every now and then the money’s tight
But when the chips start to hit the felt I know he’ll be alright

Danny Boy would just play for the thrill
He got an AK, flopped a pair of bullets so he went in for the kill
He never saw the Royal Flush draw on the board
Danny’d lost his head; He was drawing dead, his bullets couldn’t beat the sword