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Words & Music By: Roach McKrackin

Every day a new story breaks, perpetuating lies, fear and hate
The media disseminates misinformation, the masses believe their proclamations
Journalistic integrity has become a thing of antiquity
Rathergate and Jason Blair; Their facts just don’t hold any air

Just don’t believe what you see (Think for yourself)
Don’t trust in your T.V. (Fight back)
Just don’t believe what you read (Think for yourself)
Don’t trust the N.Y.T. (Fight back)

The truth is hidden under lies (Woah)
The facts are cloaked in a disguise (Woah)
Why do we swallow what we?re fed (Woah)
While the wool is pulled over our eyes (Over our eyes!)

They can raise you up or destroy your life
Fame or media suicide?
Positive spin or outright lies?
Just report; Let us decide!

Just report; Let us decide! x4